About Us

The whole idea

The program was started in 2006 as a membership of the best fansites about Bon Jovi in different countries, all over the world. The whole deal is to join and promote the best, premium websites. One of our key values is to support each other on giving latest information about the band. By joining into the program websites agree to share information from one to another and also put links to other members as the country flags. On each member website you will be able to find a list of flags pointing to all other member websites. You can very easly get to the different websites - it's just one click away. By visiting our member website you can be shure, that it's one of the best about Bon Jovi in the world.
Join us!
If you want to join us - send an e-mail about your website using the form below. Please note: Your site has to be the best in your country. If an other site representing your nation is already a member feel free to contact us! If the current member site is abandoned you can take its place!
Easily add flags of the members to any website! Just edit the code below and paste it to your website, for example in a text widget on a Wordpress page. The flags will update itself when new websites will join the community.
You can edit the appearance using the classes below:

An example how it's gonna look:

Using Joomla?
Use our Joomla module. Simply install is using your backend, add your wbesites name and URL, publish it and assign a position. Please note: this module is for Joomla 3 only.
You can edit the appearance using the classes below:

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